application root android

application root android

best wifi hacking apps for android 2016 how to hack wifi password no root without root top wifi hacking apps for android app apk wps system hack wifi password using android without root latest 2017 working with proof crack wifi key oh boy, who doesn't want a free wifi. and if, you hack into your annoying neighborsnetwork? jackpot! save your money, buy a red bull. and chillthis video is not sponsored by red bull. definitely not. welcome to hi hacker.

today we count 5 best wifi hacking apps forandroid. we have tested every single one of them. it works absolutely fine. few of them requires root permission. and rest of them don't. so, let the countdown begin. on number 5, it's wps app. now first of all, what the hell wps means. better to understand how the app works first.

wps is another way to connect to a wifi network,without using password. yes, you heard it right, without any keythis app is used to test security of your own wifi. but you are free to use it on someone else'snetwork. shuh. don't tell anyone. because hacking wifi without getting permissionfrom the owner, is illegal. please note that. on number 4, it's interceptor ng.

this app can act as a middle man in a wifinetwork. and what that means is, you can watch everythingother people are doing on that wifi network. let them be on facebook or any censored site. you keep an eye on themon number 3? it's wps connect. remember, this app cannot work on a non rooteddevice, if your device is rooted, this app can connect to wps network with any password,if the network is vulnerable. it's easy piece of cake. its wifi wps wpa tester, on number 3.

this is one of the best wifi password hackingapp. this app works on both, rooted and non rootedandroid devices. but if your device is rooted? the chances of successfully hacking the networkis bit high. and finally, it's andro dumpper in the firstplace. this app is perfect for hacking wifi networks. it even works on non rooted phones. but note that, on device running android marshmallow,you'll need to enable gps, to use this cool app.

this app uses some algorithm to hack intonetwork, let me tell you some thing, if wifi is wps enabled, then if we have the 8 digitpin which is written in downside of wifi router, we can connect our device to it, and evenget it's goddamn password. so this app generates pin of the router, andcan even give you the password, using mac address. and can work with many routers perfectly. but remember, some routers have mac filterenabled, so it won't connect to that network, this was our list of best wifi hacking androidapps in 2016. where donald trump is the president of america.

remember, you have to try these cool appson more than one network, as not every single wifi network can be hacked easily, it's hihacker ;)