auto insurance companies list

auto insurance companies list

jeff what are the three questions should ask a body shop before they consider dropping their car off for repairs? well what's important is that the repair shop actually be qualified to fix that particular vehicle. today modern cars require specialized training and equipment to be able to perform repairs to the manufacturer's standards. for instance, this mini cooper and other bmws require what's called rivet bonding.

so, glue joints and rivets. they're actually repaired like aircraft today. this is important because this maintains the structural integrity the manufacturer designed for a repair situation. like this fixture frame bench here that utilizes actual jigs to support the vehicle across its entire platform and place factory components precisely where the manufacturer has designated.

these systems are different than generic systems that simply are reverse engineered and don't have jig and holding capacity. shops that aren't trained and equipped to properly perform a repair utilizing generic equipment or generic procedures can't restore the vehicle to the manufacturer's standards and that doesn't necessarily maintain the safety ratingdesigned for the vehicle.

you potentially jeopardize the collision energy management system. the vehicle might not perform the same in a future collision and you could possibly be more injured than you would if the car doesn't perform as the manufacturer intended. the second question a consumer should ask is "where does the body shop's loyalty lie?" is it an independent repair center that relies on satisfied customers to drive business

through their door and therefore fixes vehicles correctly? or is the body shop on the insurance company's "preferred network?" those body shops rely on the insurance referrals and when those body shops utilize cheap, imitation, and savage parts utilize the quickest possible repair times and keep costs as low as possible that generates the next referral. but that's a recipe for shortcuts.

the third question, paul, is "can the repair shop make this process convenient for me?" most consumers today want convenience and ease. repair shops that are high-quality repair shops are going to put their customers' interests first & do everything they can to have a satisfied customer. that includes sheduling a rental car, scheduling a tow

engaging in conversations with the insurance company and making sure the vehicle is fixed right for the consumer.