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best insurance

liability insurance for small business - "liabilityinsurance for small business" 1-800-850-8819. find out how to get the absolutecheapest general liability insurance at the highest quality in your specific area. call 1-800-850-8819 at anytime to receiveyour free quote from hundreds of insurance carriers. elite business insurance is ranked one ofthe best independent general liability insurance agencies in the nation, we are here to helpyou out and provide the correct coverage at the cheapest possible price! what does general liability insurance protect?

this coverage protects a business from legallosses in a court system. this coverage pays out in case your business has been sued becauseyou have been negligent in some way. a very common example can be: you had a large hole in the front of yourbuilding. a reasonable person would have covered up the hole, you decided not to. someone comingonto the premises broke their ankle because of that hole, you will now be sued (becauseof negligence). what is the most basic coverage with generalliability coverage? -bodily injury -property damage

-personal advertising injury: such as libelor slander -products & completed operations: your completedjob was done incorrectly and it caused harm to others after the fact do you really need commercial general liabilityinsurance??? every business should purchase general liabilityinsurance!!! especially in today’s age with the willingnessto sue, this type of coverage is a bare necessity -if you damage someone’s property, you getsued -if you libel someone or slander someone,you get sued -if you build something and it is not donecorrectly, you get sued

simply put, you need protection for this as ask for a quote today! how can elite business insurance help youdecide which company is best to use? here at elite business insurance, llc, wemake sure to shop hundreds of carriers for each client. known throughout the industry as an establishedindependent insurance agency gives us an advantage to the everyday business owner. rather than placing a square peg in a roundhole, we mold you specific commercial general liability insurance needs into various scenariosoffering the best possible carriers with the best prices.

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