best vape for tricks

best vape for tricks

hey everybody! it's mike here from vapehappy! just wanted to show you a little vapor production fromthe sub ohm builds that we have on our site and i'm fast forwarding through this first section because it just got too long this is a k101 we're gonna be using, with a reverse threaded locking ring telescopic mod with locking ring this is the sanyo 18650 we sell on our site high drain rated at 15 amps continuous output

here i'm just making sure you know to put the positive end of your battery facing the top of your mod here again this is a .35 ohm coil using 28 gauge kanthal and 3mm silica wick not too much with it., i just spent some time tucking the wicks make sure there's tons of wick in there this thing is going to eat up juice like crazy so we're gonna want to use as much wick as possible but the there's a little dry fire make sure they heat up evenly

showing here.. you want to make sure toline up the air holes right next year coils itsgonna make it big difference for ya... if you're not paying attention to that, linethose close up and see what happens i've have had a lot of people newcomers into the sub on world and dripping atomizers asking me.. wellthere's no tank! where do you put the juice? well its all this wick you see i have loaded up on here the more wick you have the more

juice it will hold. the xl nimbus clone has alittle bit of juice well but it's worthless so there's no wick in the juice well to you hold it and deliver it to your coil so a always try to this use as much of your wick as possible get your build nice and saturated and i think we're ready for a littlevapor! two 1/8th inch airholes.. so far that's what i like i'm considering going a little bit bigger.. we'll see.. i'll do some experimenting.

just want to make sure that you line up these airholes... right next to your coils..ok otherwise you'll get a real dry not dry, excuse me, you're gonna get a real warm vape.. it'll make you cough.. this is the k101.. let see how this baby vapes... those are medium size drags i'll try to take a few short ones for ya.. only when i'm not on camera... i'll try again maybe later....

it doesn't taste dry yet... good thing i checked.. my wick is white.... dry and white. so... these guys.. you know... more clouds means you're using more juice too but it's getting cheaper and cheaper now especially if you're making your own so it's no big deal so.. vape it on... let's give you a couple more to send you home with... k101...