how to blow smoke rings with vape

how to blow smoke rings with vape

hey there welcome back to the channelthis is have from mcveigh lovely dot com i wanna do little star today you knowpeople are always talking about baby is is vaping safe is it not say so something in my mind you know whenyou're smoking regular cigarettes if taking awake lobby for a lot ofpeople have this is a brand new waikele you do is drag from your cigarette andthen you blow into the lake lot you know it's always gonna leave soonand residue late usually a yellow or brown stain

that's that's far that's the poisons inthe chemicals coming now from your cigarettes that's what's goingon in their lives so what do a quick experiment with theway tell and with bait to see what theeffects will be so i don't use today i use my my smoke my you see that and i mostly use it withthe my still there so lets the let's take alook at this only be babying today on a little notbigger vapor on my favorites this one's called hot sauce

and this is a 6 milligram nicotine a ill-equipped sorghum 100 little bit ontheir should be jet is vaping safe just like so a little bit on the side okay so that'sthat and we'll the atomizer back togetherlet's give it a shot and see if the the way lawsuits let's see what happens been law absolutely nothing let's try again

nothing at all absolutely clears can be sup is vaping say you be the judge i'll all i know is that i feel amazingnow ii but they're a pack and a half the daycigarettes pose a marlboro smoker for probably thirty years and i stop smoking is vaping safe literally overnight today that i pickedup paving and i was feed i was a i was a smoker but job as a result of vaping i knowfeel better

all day long i have more energy istarted working at how sex is better to taste better ii at work energythroughout the day i sleep better at night i wake up refreshed during the day mightmake colours back to my face things are just amazing as a result of eating no toxins baby i mean as far as i know there's notoxins and they're certainly nothin like cigarettes going into my system soif this helped you out please share the video is vaping safe

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