how to french inhale

how to french inhale

alright soo if you haven't seen my other videos basically what we have covered so farwas how to do an o and there are threetypes if i wanna recall for you for you like i mean i guess i willi okay so this drawback from tongue then there's the cough now you can go back into my uhm other videos you can look at em whatever now the ecig at hand cuz i i can smoke inside my dormthey don't need to know about that they have not made a law against it yet so muahahahaanyway

that was off topic ecig coffee flavored that wasnt good but uhm anyway basically here is what we are gonna do the frenchinhale that the french inhale what you do yeah ecig at hand take a puff and open your mouth don't do a lot of smoke it will burn your nostril

wowing mystery it won't burn much eventuallyit's going away now see it again that the french inhale is a media you have t+his working out youopen right above it with your jaw protruding a little bit underbite you don't know that is then google it. more forward than the top teeth like this isnormal that's how it is okay now

the smoke when push out a little bit onenot with air with your like lungs you wanna push out with you toung with yourcar all the tricks mostly revolve around the tongue and that wouldn't wanna get to know forbasically by that i that oconto the push i would be time i gotlike 12 now but one from yeltsin personable backa little bit to do the next year but just keep pushing out at the same timenot be that all came out wanna put all the time and then

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