insurance company ratings list

insurance company ratings list

what's up guys and girls. this is my auto, home insurance review spreadsheet. and this is something that has kind of grown out of necessity over the years i like to do this every two or three years just because life situations can change, insurance rates can change - it's good to keep them honest. you want to make sure you are getting the best deal and the most out of your money. and it takes maybe a couple of hours to do this. and if you could save yourself some money by doing this i think it's well worth it. so this is what i've come up with and i know you could go to a website and save your quote and all that stuff butwhat i've noticed at least since the last time i've done this and it's been a couple years and i'm getting ready to do it now

some of them will give you a quote for an annual price some of them will give you your monthly price and some will give you a six month price so you got to sit there and do all the math to compare them and i just wanted some kind of organized spreadsheet where i could compare everything all at once. now this thing is full with a bunch different companies here but idon't do all these i just kind of pick through the best ones maybe four or five and that'll give me a pretty good idea as to whether it'stime to move on to another company or whether i'm getting the best deal. anyway my spreadsheet here - what it'll do is let you put in your coverage limits

your total monthly premium, six-month, and annualand then i got space for three vehicles and you can type in your vehicle name here, however you want to do it and then the coverage limits and thenagain the monthly, six-month, and annual. so three vehicles and then when you getdown here to the bottom you got your totals section which will pull the auto totalfor monthly, six-month, and annual. and then if you want to add the auto and home together you got the total monthly here, total six-month and total annual for all those. then you can go through and really give yourself a better idea

i'll what you're paying compared to whatother companies are charging. so that's there really is to it. i'm gonna put a link to this file in the video description you're welcome to downloaded it, change it do whatever you please with it if you make a better version, if you think of a way to improve this any more please send it back to me and if it'sgood i will definitely incorporate that into the link there andgive you credit, link to your channel, you know whatever you want there if you got any questions leave them therein the comments section and remember to rate and subscribe

and i thank you very much for watchingmy video