insurance company ratings

insurance company ratings

have you ever noticed that every time yougo to a mall diner they always advertise how they have the best coffee around?do you wonder how they determined, how they figured that there'sis the best around? how do you know? how can you honestly compare their coffeewith another diner? the funny thing is that you can apply the exactsame thing to buying life insurance. how do you know what the best companyis to get your life insurance through? hey, this is jeff rosefrom let's see if we can figure out if you are getting thebest life insurance coverage for you. there are two things i want you toconsider. number one, how

financially stable are they? there are differentrating agencies that you can use to determine how stable life insurancecompanies are. some of the most popular are s&p, am's best, and moody's.if they have an a rating, preferably an a, a-, a+ or ++, it determineshow financially solvent they are. if something happens to you, you want to makesure that your beneficiaries are paid. if they have a low rating such asa c or d, please stay away. it is not worth messing with. the second determiningfactor whether you are getting life insurance from the best lifeinsurance company for you is

which one is going to be the cheapest. that'sright, who's going to give you the best rate. so as long as they arefinancially stable, and have the a rating we talked about earlier, and theyare giving you the best rate of any other life insurance company, that's howyou know it's the best insurance company for you. let me give you a quick example to illustratemy point. let's say that you need $500,000 of life insurance coverage andyou're 30 years old. believe it or not, one company might cost you $500a year, and another company quoting the exact same amount, for the exactsame term, may cost you $150

more per year. that's because each life insurancecompany has their own niches, their own specialties they focus on.some might focus on the healthy 20 to 30 year olds', others mightfocus on the older folks that have more high risk conditions. obviously,the only way to really know you are getting the best life insurance companyis to work with an independent agent that is going to be able to quote youacross multiple different carriers. if you use the quotes here at wisebread.comthere are over 60 different carriers that you can have a quoteon in less than one minute. by inputting your information you'll knowquickly which is going to be the

best life insurance company for you. if youhave any more questions regarding buying life insurance, whether it'schoosing the best life insurance company, how much do you need tobuy, when do you need to buy it, this is jeff rose from, yourresident life insurance expert. i'll be happy to answer any questions youmay have. until next time, take care.