largest insurance companies

largest insurance companies

has the hartford denied your long term disability insurance claim? hi, i'm marc whitehead a board certified disability insurance lawyer founded 200 years ago, the hartford financial services is one of the largest insurance companies in the united states. now a fortune 100 company the hartford is a global provider of group and employee benefits, life insurance, business and auto policies and home owners insurance. as part of hartford expansion of its group business benefit. in 2004 the hartford purchased cna's group disability's business as well as cna's group life and accident services.

a look at the hartford's claims denial process is disturbing the claims denial process used by the hartford reflects a pattern that continues to be the subject of many disputes. many federal lawsuits throughout the united states allege wrongful conduct by the hartford in their claims handling practices these problems include: claimants that are faced with continuing requests for medical records followed by unreasonable delays on the part of hartford to make a decision policy holders frequently allege that hartford resorts to video surveillance

and other invasive investigation techniques in order to captures claimants in action that could in some way be used in substantiate the hartford's denial of their claim. disability claims are frequently denied by the hartford the first time around. only to be approved once the policy holder retains a disability attorney to fight on their behalf it's important to get help from experienced disability insurance claims lawyers as a provider of employer group short term and long term disability insurance most disability lawsuits against hartford fall under federal erisa statutes

marc whitehead and associates has successfully handled erisa group disability insurance claims for individuals against the major disability insurers in the us, including the hartford. we represent claimants by filing thorough and aggressive erisa appeals with attention paid to vocational analysis, medical records statements from witnesses, and other legal arguments. are representation is under scored by our extensive knowledge of erisa law. don't let your financial health be destroyed by the insurance company who claim to be your safety net.

this topic is discussed more in my free ebook: long term disability insurance policies: how to unravel the mystery and prove your claim visit for a free downloadable copy or call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular disability insurance issue. i'm marc whitehead, thanks for watching!