life insurance company ratings list

life insurance company ratings list

>>graphic and text : u.s. department of veterans affairs. text >> veterans benefits administration >>male marine speaking: i didn't want to leavemy wife that funeral bill. picture of husband, wife, and daughter in a stroller. >>army veteran speaking: my real motivation wasto protect my children. picture >> husband, wife, and twin babies. >>female army veteran speaking: i wanted to takecare of my mother. picture >> adult daughter and mother. >>african-american army veteran speaking: i basically wanted tomake sure that my wife was going to be taken care of. picture >> husband and wife. >>african-american man speaking: life insurancewas really what... i think i maybe thoughtof it once or twice. >>man speaking: what really made me andmy wife think about

life insurance is when oneof my friends passed away last year and he hadno life insurance. >>man speaking: i was a financial adviserfor three years; telling people the importanceof life insurance and yet, i didn't have any. >>woman speaking: when i was offeredthe opportunity to get sdvi, i immediately took it. >>older man speaking: i thought sdvi would bea great opportunity for me. >>african-american man speaking: you have the option toactually use that

as loan money should youever need it. >>man speaking: i'd been declined byprivate insurance companies because of my injuries andongoing disabilities from the military,and that wasn't an issue with service disabled veteransinsurance through the va. >>woman speaking: it's easy. it only took me five minutesto sign up for it. it's affordable. they take it right outof my paycheck.

and within a month,i was already told that i was approved. >>african-american man speaking: i think, for me and my family,i think the va is the best option. >>older man speaking: first, you have to have a service connected disability rating from the va. you also have to applywithin two years of receiving a ratingfor a new condition; not an upgraded condition,a new condition.

you have to have beenreleased from active service on or after april 25, 1951;and you have to have had a discharge other thandishonorable to qualify. >>woman speaking: don't let thischance pass you by. picture >> all five veterans. >>text: service-disabled veterans insurance, >>graphic and text: u.s. department of veterans affairs seal. text >>