root android 4.4 2 kitkat

root android 4.4 2 kitkat

save your data by making a backup, be using sony pc companion or by hand for this tuto, you will need a cable usb and a xperia e1 i am not responsible for any caused damage or loss of data the version of my phone it is 20.1.a.2.13 my phone is not root ;) ↓ all links are in description ↓ download flashtool for windows or mac after download, open it

select your destination of installation, the default is "c: flashtool" once installed, download the two firmwares 20.1.a.0.48 and 20.1.a.2.13 the two firmwares download, slide them in "c: flashtool / firmware" go to the folder "c: flashtool / drivers" and start the application select the options "flashmode drivers", "flashtool drivers" and "common ......." once completed, three green arrows should appear if it is not, run the application again in "c: flashtool / drivers" run flashtool in administrator wait for the process and select your phone model wait for the process and select your phone model, if you do not have the window, go to "devices / manage and cdfid editor"

click the flash at the top left and select "flashtool" select the firmware 20.1.a.0.48, in the frame "wipe" uncheck 'cache' and 'data' in the frames "exclude" check everything except 'kernel' and press flash now, turn off your phone and turn it remaining press the "low volume" and connect the cable and keep pressing the "low volume" i start again because there were no drivers to install then turn on your phone and disconnect to your computer, follow the above method against go to your browser and search "towelroot" the system will tell you that the application bypass security of android and select "install anyway" press "make it ra1n"

"supersu" you indicates to update the binary, select "normal" restart your phone once finished restart flashtool, wait for the process and select your phone model press the flash, select "flash mode" now select the firmware 20.1.a.2.13 in the frame "wipe" uncheck all in the frame "exclude" check everything except 'kernel' and press "flash" turn off your phone, turn it on by staying press "volume down" and plugged the cable stay press "low volume", once the cable plugged

my phone is version 20.1.a.2.13 and your phone is now root proof in the game clash of clans with xmodgames, to prove that it's not fake thank you for watching, a question or problem in the comments