root android online without pc

root android online without pc

hello friends welcome to tech brain my self shivam today i will tell you how you can hack gmail account easily yes friend you will get many video for gmail account hacking but you cant hack from those videos becouse they all are fake videos only made for increasing viewer i will tell you the real and easy way of gmail account before starting i would like to tell you that this video is only for educational purpose dont do any illegal work lets start

firstly tou have to open any browser ..i m using google chrome after opening google chrome go to url and type after opening you will see a sign in page where you have to enter the gmail address enter the gmail account adrress of whome you want to hack i want to hack my friend gmail account so i entered my friend gmail address after entering gmail address you will be asked for password now you have to cllick on forget password after clicking forget password you will get an option where you will asked for entering the last password remember this is not your account so dont remember any password

so click on...try a different ques.. now there is an another recovery option for entering the registerd mobile number. we dont have that .you to skip this by clicking try a different question again a recovery option you have to skip this by click try a different ques. now this is the useful option that will help you to hack gmail account now you will have an option where you will be asked to enter the year and month this year and are those when this account was made. so friends here hit and trail starts guess the any year you think this email was made then enter these three months which m going to tell

m guessing 2015 and now we have to use this year with three months and in those three months id will be hacked so the first month is february second month is july and third month is october.after this you will be able to open the account m going to enter the first combination with 2015 and february it was not worked .dont worry try next combination with july 2015 and october 2015 .. now come to month and year option by following same steps now m using 2015 and third month october booooom ..........account is hacked enter new password ..confirm new password dont go anywhere wait i will give you some tips about facebook hacking friends there is an 3 easy steps for facebook hack...

first is find the hidden gmail address of facebook freind for which i made video that is in description.. and 2 step is to hack that gmail by this method that i tell in this video by doing this two steps watch my facebook hacking video that is description... want to learn many more tricks subscribe my channel and dont miss my any tricky videos about internet mobile computer an technology... thank you