tips vape

tips vape

hi my name's dustin and i'm with clean smoke today i am to be going over some tips and tricks for how to get the best experience out of your electronic cigarette i am also going to go over some basic troubleshooting. what to do if you're electronic cigarette is not working properly? and i am also gonna show you how to change the heating element when we need to do that. that's about once every two or three weeks this heating element its gonna go bad you can have to change it out. so i am going to show you how to do that right now that's the most common problem with your e-cig if it's not functioning properly it might need a new heating element

now the first thing you wanna check is that your heating element is screwed down down tight enough it might just be that it came loose. so unscrew the base and check to make sure that your heating element is screwed down tight and all the way we are going to put t back together again and check to see if it's working properly still no vapor alright so now youknow heating oil needs to be changed again take it apart

and unscrew the heating element from the base always leave this turned upside down when you're taking apart or otherwise you spill your liquid out. we're going to take a fresh heating element screwed it into the base again make its there nice and snug screw the base back onto the bottom of the atomizer and then screw the battery back on again always grab it by the center ring when you tighten the the battery pack on now it's impossible not to get a little liquid on you when you take it apart

like that just swipe of the paper towel and we are going to check it again see if it's working seems to be working fine now if you change the heating element out and you're still having problems with the electronic cigarette it might be because the air holes areclogged you'll notice that its restricted air flow you won't get a whole lot of a vapor out of it the air holes are pretty easy to clear out take it apart take a safety pin

or thumbtack and pokes through thoseair holes to clear any pocket-lint and/or sand that might be clogging it up if your air holes are clogged it could be causing your ecig to leak because a instead of pulling air into the air vents your pulling liquid into the air vents so once you clear those air holes out reassembly your ecig that's all the tips i have for you today again check us out and also you can watch some other instructional videos

i have some more tips and tricks for their and again my name's dustin ackley with cleansmoke thank you guys for watching have a great day