top 100 insurance companies

top 100 insurance companies

has new york life denied your long term disability insurance claim? hi, i'm marc whitehead a board certified disability insurance lawyer. our attorneys represent policy holders in dispute with new york life for disability claims denial. whether you have a private disability policy or are covered under a group long term disability plan under new york life we can assist you with your claim. in operation for over 165 years the new york life insurance company is one of the largest sellers of disability insurance in america.

as providers of disability insurance plan, new york life sells individual and group long term disability insurance policies. disputes against new york life for disability claims denial occur more often then one would expect. now a fortune 100 company, new york life as earned a distinguished reputation amongst insurance companies still, over the years many cases have been fought and won against new york life for disability insurance claims that have been denied new york life also sells individual and group income policies across

across the united states that are under written by the unum group new york life also sells disability policies through its other subsidiaries many new york life disability policies will be regulated by erisa law there is a many difference between claims governed by under erisa law the governed under state law. if your group policy benefits have been withheld or denied or terminated, as experienced erisa claims attorneys we know how to fight on your behalf to you can receive the benefits that your deserve most individual long term disability claims will be regulated under state bad faith insurance law

if you have reason to believe that new york life mishandled your on you individual policy or denied it without a valid reason. we can help you pursue a disability bad faith insurance claim and collect the damages and hold the company accountable for its wrongful actions. marc whitehead and associates can help you fight we've successfully represented claims against all major disability insurance companies across the us. this topic is discuss more in my free ebook: long term disability insurance policies: how to unravel the mystery and prove your claim visit www.disabilitydenials for a free downloadable copy

or call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular disability insurance issue. i'm marc whitehead, thanks for watching