vape skills

vape skills

22 series pirate recipe.delicious samozames. hello dear,=) i am with you again, this is the twenty the second series of piratesamozamesa! according veypbatlu, this weekendi try to have time to remove the battle treakumnyh titans, rx200and istick 200. and now to the piratesamozamesu. in the last series it had two recipes, the firstlike one of my favorite dessert liquidscuttwood unicorn milk tabachkov and the second, which has long been requested.the first recipe i'm in the way constantly,

and it fucking so tryit is meaningless, and that it turned out tabachkov trytell: .. tobacco flavor became brighter,against the background of left lung creamy aftertaste, inothing much to say about him, i'm not a connoisseur of tabachek unnecessarily,gave people try 4m dripke on flavor, it tasteslike, so you can try =).

in this series will againsamozames on premku. will be refreshing tropicaltaste, without strawberries =) like on cuttwood monster melons. it balancesmango, melon and papaya, fine creating not too softsweet, tasty tropical mix. just try to give somevariation of this recipe in terms of flavors. so for a simple tastyrecipe you will need 3 flavor by tpa

cantaloupe | 5% | 45 cap mango | 5% | 45 cap papaya | 5% | 45 cap base 70 to 30, press14 days is recommended. now, regarding the variation,in these recipes you you can use modifierstaste, for example you love sweet, add 2 dropssvitenera 10 ml, ie in this case, we have 30 ml,then 3 times for 10 and 10 we have 2 drops, then sviteneraadd 6 drops want

that was sour, insteadsweaters add sowry so 2 also drops per 10 can add acetyl from such pyrazinthe calculation, it will make taste more balancedand add a touch of nutty shade. i'm in the way, this recipe is not the firsttimes, usually when bored strawberry flavors. will goit is 100% not for everyone, but who become boring try strawberries.what happened after the infusion i tell in the next series,and now i will try once.

.in the first place there melon with a hint of papaya,mango and felt in the background, after mixing it feelsdavolno weak, but through week will be much tastebrighter. in general, the taste is difficult to describe, because the fruit is not muchcommon in our shelves. the recipe of this videoadd in the calculator, link to disk as yandexalways in the description. like put, and signsper channel, if you like

the video =) if youthere is an interesting recipe send it to me. well, if you're here to finish his,i remind you that i have istagramchik convenient recipein a text graphic as, here in this. subscribe,i will be glad! =) thank you inspecteduntil the end, so far!