how to blow smoke out of your mouth

how to blow smoke out of your mouth

so, i'm going to show you how to whistle. i'm going to do a two finger style, two handed, and i'm going to show you the one handed style. so, obviously you won't need anything except your own fingers and your mouth... and i guess some lungs. to push the air out. if you don't have lungs then you're probably not alive so it doesn't even matter. but anyways... you're going to start off by making an 'a' frame

with your fingers, like that. and you're going to be placing it in your mouth now you're going to be able to play with the angle of your fingers and how far you put it inside of your mouth but, the key is curling your tongue. and i'm gong to zoom in here for a second so, uh... you see every imperfection in my face. hmmm.. mmm... here we go.

so, what you're going to do is curl your tongue back like that. and your fingers are going to be placed on your tongue, like that. okay, enough of the close up. okay. so, you're going to take your 'a' frame, stick it in your mouth on your curled tongue... (whistle)... and blow. now, i've whistled a lot using my fingers like this, so i can find the right pitch. but, i'm going to change it up to show you just how uhm... changing angle and uh.. the depth, changes whether you hear a sound or not.

so, i'm just going to play around hear a bit. ( normal whistle)... (just air)... (higher pitch whistle)... (lower pitch whistle) do you see the pitch changes and how loud it can actually be, just by changing angles? so, there you go. that's the first way. second way. using the one hand. zoom in here again... sorry i have to do this twice to you. but, the same sort of thing. so you're going to make basically

an 'o.k.' sign using your index finger or yourmiddle finger... doesn't matter, or even your ring finger if you like to do it that way. it's kind of difficult but, it's the same thing. so you're going to take that... and you're going to make that same 'a' frame in your fingers that you could change the pitch with and you're just going to stick it on your curled tongue... (whistle)

and make the same noise. it's that easy. here, let me zoom out again. jeez.. so, go give it a try. um... isn't that difficult but, if for somereason you can't do it.. uhm... just leave me a comment in the bottom, i'll, i'll try and.. uh.. give you some pointers... or uh.. just go to the dollar store and pick up a whistle i guess.

but uh... yeah, that's it. that's all i can tell yah to do. so, go start making some noise and i'll see you next time. ciao.